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Inside the World's Largest Wholesale Markets - in Yiwu China

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I took a tour around the Yiwu Industrial Trade City - the largest wholesale market in the world. People come here from every country to buy goods to export. 5.5 million square meters, 7km long, this market is beyond giant. And it's all one interconnected building. I explored it for a day with Collin Abroadcast, a fellow market fanatic. From Christmas decorations to children's toys to hardware and tools, we found a bunch of stuff that blew our minds.

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Run All Night by Blossom Learning (Licensed through Art List)
Siamese Sea - Molife (Licensed through Epidemic Sound)
Wansui by Oliver Michael - Parhelion (Licensed through Art List)
By My Side by K. Solis (Licensed through Art List)
surya kanth : 9:05 Contra
Mahesh Poojari : I want to visit Chinese Wholesale Market.
Because, I am unployed since 2007 in India and forced to work which I don't like by Mad Over Donut and Parents by creating artificial allergies.
Captain Sparks : Need a "right" counter too haha
MD Shohag : Need a Chinese agent that can buys goods for me in china and import them for me in Bangladesh
John Miles : It touches my heart to see a successful and trustworthy trader like Mr Marco not to flaunt his luxuries,that shows he’s so much discipline. he has managed my investment account for months now and I've known only good reports and returns weekly on my investments weekly. This is the way i can show appreciation to make him known to everyone interested to invest with @tradefx_with_Tulio on IG. Dm him now to get started.
Yoram Stein : All but ALLL is rubish ! 100% Rubbish ! Ch9ina can not make 1 good thing. Only if it is made under American/European supervision it MIGHT be good.
Wu william : Delving into the back Alley of capitalism here
raincity500 : Because the whole world buys from here I would expect the English of the sellers to be on par or better than the tourist markets of China but nope
november132 : I saw a blm necklace on aliexpress. I bet there's a whole blm store there with george floyd's face on everything
BLACK LIST : Im so lucky my country joins border with china (im from pak)



Yiwu International Trade City, also known as the Yiwu Market, is the primary wholesale market complex in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. According to the World Bank, it is the world's largest small commodities market. In 2013, the market sold US$11 billion of goods.

I went there with my friend Olle and Johannes that was their first time. It was really fun to show them the market! We found a lot of cool stuff, scooters, electronics, airpods etc.

Let me know if you want any products from Yiwu, I can help you: magnus@chinagatekeeper.com


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Vivian Liu : you guys really had a looooot of fun! LOL
william john : hmmm here is the people who comes from YIWU , if u guys have any questions ,maybe can just ask me. id like to help .
Moti Arts : Love like n stay in China yiwu , because people n government are great it’s best
ke huang : Yes, really super big market, but if you are not professional in products which you'd like to purchase here, or your local agent leak of acknowledge of products, It will be little problem, sure!
Andrea López : designer things hahhahaha
Heqiu Yisheng : Your guy s are so musical talented❤️
andrea pando borja : How did you do to travel to china ??? you are from USA right? Or not? I want to go so bad
Yaksham Khurana : Hey sir ur videos r awesome but plzzzzz make a one more videos of shoes gucci Christan loubtion plz in sehenjan market sir plzzz i am waiting sir plzz make video fast sir
YouShouldMoveToChina : the market has so many things that it's a bit uncomfortable to visit it, there are too many choices, don't know where to stop XD
Ralph Castro : dettmar, are the largest and biggest factories and manufacturing in china also located in yiwu?

Coronavirus stealing Christmas cheer from Yiwu, China’s hub for seasonal product production

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The city of Yiwu in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang has a worldwide reputation for producing Christmas merchandise. But as the 2020 festive season approaches, the Covid-19 pandemic has left local markets almost devoid of holiday items and sales have plummeted as almost all international business travel grinds to a halt.

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Mohmee Gaik : Such well crafted Xmas ornaments created in Yiwu. Jia you Yiwu. Once the covid 19 virus is eradicated, business will returned. Have no fear and hold tight for now.
Jay H : The orange clown made Xmas disappeared.
SLime myHouse : Does Christmas take place during 31st of December all around the world?
Ang y : This is such a sad tome for family like these. I hope they can get through this.
Ganon01 Ryan Outsen : Invisible enemy are stealing Christmas!
D : Wuhan virus has ruined Christmas 2020
Nigon Kouk : so', I take it they will be more careful from now on when they're playing with deadly viruses'?
Edsknife : Is South China Morning Post run by the CCP?
Edsknife : Sometimes you have to choose what's more important; jettison the holiday industries.
Sandeep Singh : For the pandemic, suspicious cases happened much earlier in countries other than China. For example, there is a report saying that it was found with all symptoms of the virus in Jul of 2019 in US but was treated as flu. Here are links https://wamu.org/story/19/07/11/two-dead-others-hospitalized-in-virus-outbreak-at-fairfax-county-retirement-community/ and https://wjla.com/news/local/mystery-virus-greenspring-retirement-cdc-va The difference is: China acted and verified the virus but other countries did not act but treated it as a normal flu. At this point, we should thank China for their initiative. Just like Aids, US firstly reported it, but we can not say it originated from US.




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