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TEEN TOP(틴탑)_Rocking(장난아냐) MV

틴탑 미니앨범 'TEENTOP CLASS' 장난아냐 MV
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Beatrice Paolazzi : I miss when kpop was weird and super colorful.
The new songs to me feel pretty much all the same.
Azean Majelan : remember when everyone wanted to roleplay as L.Joe LMAOOOO
Katie Starlight : It's been seven years and I can still sing the opening like it's nothing
99 Liner : admit it.. Youtube didnt recommend this video.. but YOU SEARCH FOR THIS!! We are same tho
Hanna Ryu : 2020 and I'm still here..miss teentop,beast,infinite,btop,exo n other old groups huaaaa
Ngọc Thảo Nguyễn : Hello
김상순 : 배셀
Brenda yuni Cruz sanchez : Me encanta esta musica, amo lo talentosos que son:)
KIM JONG UN 김정은 : Generasi flu burung mana suaranya?
K.G : Who's watching from 2020 ??

LMFAO - Sorry For Party Rocking

Sorry For Party Rocking - Buy the album now!
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Tiffany3764 : Pov:here from tik tok video
Mike Netza : Man a great times to remember!
3dgar 7eandro : 6:48 LOL
up up and away : This shit was way too vulgar for 12 year old my to be singing along too
Sebastian Lopez : hold up was that Rhett and Link back there?
Неизвестная личность : Русские если вы здесь то давайте сделаем этот коммент популярным!!!!
Julian Seguin : Who would have that LMFAO would enslave the entire world?
Joseph Roybal : Nostalgia.
24 K : Only real niggas here
front leaning! rgr : Yo this video was bangin lol,better the watching 69 lick ice cream wtf was that lmao

R3hab & Headhunterz - Won't Stop Rocking (Official Music Video)

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Rocking and rolling your way, here’s R3hab in a collab with Headhunterz, both on top of their game with this blazing piece of work. Short vocal effects dropped over solid kicks and then enhanced by huge, anthem-like electro chords. This is rave music to the fullest, and yes, you won’t stop rocking for a long time!

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Snapchat: itsheadhunterz

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Darshh Nakashe : Edm>rap
Danniar Reza Firdausy : It's been 5 years, but this one's still better than the most out there
馬鈴薯ナノ : 最高
Pablo Coronado : 2020 quarentena nice
AMV Song : 2020 no manches
بـ,ـآريـ,ـسـ,ـ : Terrible and legendary splendor
EDM WU : Hahahaha
3rviL Music : still slaps like crazy
XOXO XOXO : 2:03
XOXO XOXO : 2:02




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