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Krush Evangelist 石川直生のKrush.114 Navi.KICK!PART.1

Krush Evangelist 石川直生が7月11日(土)後楽園ホールにて開催されるKrush.114前半戦の見どころを紹介

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Krush Evangelist 石川直生のKrush.114 Navi.KICK!PART.2

Krush Evangelist 石川直生が7月11日(土)後楽園ホールにて開催されるKrush.114後半戦の見どころを紹介

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Why Japan's Navy is the Best in Asia (And Not China)

Why Japan's Navy is the Best in Asia (And Not China)

The best navy in Asia has a total of 114 warships and 45,800 volunteer personnel. It has a large fleet of fast, powerful destroyers, thoroughly modern diesel-electric attack submarines, and amphibious ships that can haul tanks and other ground forces. It can hunt submarines, square off against invasion fleets, and shoot down enemy ballistic missiles. Despite all of that firepower, this is not in fact a navy at all, but an armed cohort of civil servants.

Technically, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force is a “self-defense force” designed to overcome the country’s constitutional limits on armed forces. It is, ship for ship, the best navy in Asia.

written by Kyle Mizokami
Source : http://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/why-japans-navy-the-best-asia-not-china-24201?page=show

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