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Garden Annexes | Liveable Garden Spaces by Green Retreats

At The Annex we specialise in creating beautifully crafted, self-contained garden annexes that add value to both your home and lifestyle.

The Annex products are constructed here in the UK, with the highest-quality materials. This allows them to be suited for year-round living without any maintenance needed. With all of the amenities of a property, our annexes mirror a tiny home at the bottom of your garden.

We pride ourselves in providing quality at every stage. From design and planning to building and aftercare, The Annex provides remarkable service and exceptional product that is second to none.

For more information visit -
Rupert Austen : do they need planning?
joyceln ahwa : How MUCH please
Daniel K : Really strange. I saw this girl on here a few days ago and I thought “wow she’s really gorgeous”. Then today I see her on a sky mobile advert....maybe it’s fate?
Bonggie Yuhenyo : Lovely garden room + lovely lady

A day in the Secret Annex | Anne Frank House

What was the daily routine of the people hiding in the Secret Annex, how did they fight boredom, and what were the dangers they faced? No two days were the same, but in her diary, Anne tried to describe an average day in the Secret Annex.
Subtitles: EN, NL, DE, ES

Everything about Anne Frank: her life, her diary, and the Secret Annex.

Official website:

About the Anne Frank House
The Anne Frank House was established on 3 May 1957 in cooperation with Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father. We are an independent non-profit organisation that runs a museum in the house where Anne Frank went into hiding and we try to increase awareness of Anne’s life story all over the world, encouraging people to reflect on the dangers of antisemitism, racism, and discrimination, and the importance of freedom, equal rights, and democracy.

iKamper ANNEX ROOM- Full Review

Here is the Full Review of the iKamper X-Cover Annex Room!
(Product Links Below)
After the release of my full review of the iKamper Rooftop Tent (Watch Video Here:
) I asked if you all wanted to see the annex room reviewed...the answer was a resounding "YES"... So here it is, ENJOY! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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As seen in video Annex Room:

Other Roof Top Tent/Annex Rooms/ Awnings on the market that are worth checking out as well...
Annex Rooms- 1:

Rooftop Tents- 1:

Awnings- 1:

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GY6outdoors : Welcome to GY6outdoors. GY6 stands for Got Your 6(back) I want to have the back of all my viewers and give 100% honest feedback on products...I don't know how many times I've been screwed over by a faulty/Bad product, and didn't find out until it damn near ruined trips. If I can prevent that for my viewers, that is paramount!
marc erickson : Video could be half as long if he didn't repeat himself 2-3 times.
WILD BILLS ADVENTURES OUTDOOR : Thanks! You did great review on this product!!!!
Georg Mück : Hi i am interested in the xcover plus awning how are they doing on strong winds? Thanks greetings from austria, George
Margaret Contreras : Will be setting mines up for the first time thank you for the great video❤️
Malin Tindberg : Hey! I really want this roof tent and annex! Do you know if it's possible to leave the annex attached (just the fabric) and pack it in the roof top?
Jason O'Connor : I like the Black Rhino Warlord wheels
Louise Graham : Would have nice to have seen the inside dude.
The Wagners Outdoors : Great video!
COTE Official : Does fit fit the ikamper mini?




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